New World patch notes for today, July 21: Closed beta update

The latest New World patch notes for today, July 21, are here, along with the first load of improvements to the closed beta since the MMO launched yesterday in advance of the full August 31 release. The New World beta update for July 21 doesn’t add as much as yesterday’s initial colossal July closed beta update, but it was enough to bring the game down for a while. Now that the New World maintenance period is over, let’s see what the update brings.

What’s new in the New World update for July 21, 2021?

New World patch notes

The latest New World update for the closed beta doesn’t have a version number so it’s just the July 21 update, which went up earlier today after a period of maintenance that took New World down for a few hours — longer than expected, especially in regions such as the US and Europe. The odd thing is that the improvements don’t appear to be that significant, so it is unclear why the maintenance took so long.

The first fix adjusts character movement in relation to any applied status effects, so characters will now move appropriately to whatever status they have. The second changes the visual effects on projectile trails so they are appropriate for what the world is like around them, so won’t look the same all the time. Finally, the third fix affects the Starstone Barrows expedition, where laser traps and barriers shoot out of the walls and block progress — however, in the previous version these lasers weren’t always appearing or were invisible, so this bug should be sorted now.

There was also a small patch previous to this one to investigate reports of AI characters not appearing in certain parts of the map. This also seems to be fixed now.

Full New World patch notes July 21 for beta

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted some movement parameters in relation to status effects
  • Add contextual priority for projectile trail VFX
  • Lasers beams in the Starstone Barrows expedition sometimes become invisible for the Players.

July 20 Update

  • Due to reports of AI not appearing in certain places, we will be doing short restarts to investigate this issue further.