Will there be a Dead Space 2 remake?

The official reveal of the upcoming Dead Space remake has series fans salivating. Not over roasted Necromorph limbs, mind you, but over the idea that the entire Dead Space series may be rebooted. But is that the plan? After the next game comes out, is EA going to release a Dead Space 2 remake?

Is there going to be a Dead Space 2 remake?

Is there going to be a Dead Space 2 remake?

We will very likely get a Dead Space 2 remake so long as the first one sells. The recently revealed Dead Space remake serves as a reboot to the entire series, including the original sequels. Assuming the first game is a success, Electronic Arts will almost certainly release a Dead Space 2 remake.

Frankly, it’s the nature of the business. The Dead Space franchise grew stagnant following the release of the third game, and no official word of a fourth game ever surfaced. Fans had long hoped for Dead Space 4, but the last console generation came and went without any new announcements.

Now, however, EA has found a chance to revive the property for current-generation platforms. Just like with the Resident Evil remakes, this first remake serves to kick off a new (if only slightly changed) version of the entire series. Assuming the game is successful — which it likely will be, since Dead Space is a fan-favorite series — Motive Studios will surely start work on the second remake quickly. The same will probably apply to the series’ third iteration as well.

That’s not to say it’s guaranteed, of course. If the first remake doesn’t sell, EA could just move on. Or, perhaps even more likely, the developers may choose to take the remake’s sequel in a slightly different direction. After all, this is a remake, not a remaster, so a Dead Space 2 remake wouldn’t necessarily follow the events of the original sequel closely.

It’s unlikely that EA and Motive would put in all the work to reboot the Dead Space series and not at least consider a Dead Space 2 remake. Assuming the first remake is well-received, a sequel remake is almost inevitable.