Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain How To Obtain All 10 Memento Photo Collectibles

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has many collectibles including 10 memento photos. These mementos are earned by extracting a soldier and finishing a specific Mother base Soldier Side Ops. Each soldier is equipped with tactical items to make them more difficult to capture than other soldiers. Once earned, you can visit Paz in Mother Base to view a cutscene corresponding to the memento.

Memento Photo #1: Side Ops 51

How to Unlock: Mission 06

Ops Location: Southeast Afghanistan

Soldier Location: On a hill northeast of the Eastern Communication Post.


Memento Photo #2: Side Ops 52

How to Unlock: Mission 08 and Side Ops 51​

Ops Location: Southwest Afghanistan

Soldier Location: Southwest of Da Shago Kallai.


Memento Photo #3: Side Ops 53

How to Unlock: Mission 16 and Side Ops 52

Ops Location: Northwest Africa

Soldier Location: East of Bwala ya Masa.


Memento Photo #4: Side Ops 54

How to Unlock: Mission 20 and Side Ops 53

Ops Location: Southwest Africa

Soldier Location: West of Nova Braga Airport.


Memento Photo #5: Side Ops 55

How to Unlock: Mission 23 and Side Op 54

Ops Location: Northeast Africa

Soldier Location: Near Kungenga Mine.


Memento Photo #6: Side Ops 56

How to Unlock: Mission 31 and Side Op 55

Ops Location: Southeast Africa

Soldier Location: East of Munoko ya Nioka Station.


Memento Photo #7: Side Ops 57

How to Unlock: Mission 31 and Side Op 56

Ops Location: West Afghanistan

Soldier Location: South of Yakho Oboo Outpost.


Memento Photo #8: Side Ops 58

How to Unlock: Mission 35 and Side Op 57

Ops Location: East Africa

Soldier Location: South of Lufwa Valley.


Memento Photo #9: Side Ops 59

How to Unlock: Mission 38 and Side Op 58

Ops Location: East Afghanistan

Soldier Location: East of Qarya Sakhra Ee. 


Memento Photo #10: Side Ops 60

How to Unlock: Mission 38 and Side Op 59

Ops Location: Northwest Afghanistan

Soldier Location: Insidethe Aabe Shifap Ruins.