Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain How To Get GMP Money Fast When You Need It

In Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain it's essential that you make a good income. Called GMP (Gross Military Profit), the game's currency allows you to build new facilities at Mother Base, research new equipment, and much more. And really, who doesn't like making money whether or not it's real?

Below you will find the best ways to make GMP when you need it.


Collect Rough Diamonds

There are Rough Diamonds scattered around both the Africa and Afghanistan maps that provide a great deal of GMP. These come in several sizes, with small being in the greatest abundance offering a 10,000 GMP reward, and the rare large diamonds providing a whopping 100,000 GMP.

These tend to be located within camps guarded by soldiers, although there are a few exceptions where they are hidden out in the wilderness. Below are several locations in Afghanistan that you can collect Rough Diamonds to get some quick cash flow:
  • Da Ghwandai Khar: Several diamonds are scattered around the installment, one of which is at the Eastern-most building.
  • Da Shago Kallai: Center of the area just North of where the road splits into three.
  • Da Smasei Laman: North end of the location.
  • Da Wialo Kallai: Several diamonds are scattered on the western side of the installment.
  • Eastern Communications Post: West side of the installation [large diamond].
  • Lamar Khaate Palace: North end of the installation.
  • Mountain Relay Base: Northeast side of the location, just east of the road.
  • Shin Basin: A short walk south of where the road splits into three.
  • Spugmay Keep: Northeast of the location.
  • Wakh Sind Barracks: There are several diamonds available in the barracks with one south next to the road.
  • Yakho Oboo Supply Outpost: South end of the large building.


Side Operations

MGSV has dozens of Side Ops which provide an optional means for making income. If you would like to knock out two things at once, you may want to prioritize the Side Ops that contain hidden memento photos. You can read more about that here.


Dispatch Missions

As you collect staff for Mother Base, you will be able to send them out on missions, provided you've built a Combat Unit Platform. It's as easy as tasking them with an objective, and letting them do all the dirty work. Staff will come back after mission completion with some goodies and GMP.


Sell Equipment

Many of the items you collect during your journey have a GMP value. These include weapons you obtain from enemies, as well as materials that you Fulton. You can sell the equipment and materials that you don't need for a quick boost to your GMP wallet.