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Mad Max PC Cheats

General Tips

  • Glitched Scrap Chest - Successfully complete the epic jump near the far right corner of the Grandrise region, in Pink Eye's territory located just to the right of the tip of that section of the map. You should find a box to the right side of the tent's entrance, near where you land after performing the jump. Check its contents and collect it for 50 scrap. You can repeat the process as often as you like, collecting scrap each time.
  • Take Camps - You'll receive deliveries of scrap from each camp you own every 20 minutes or so, without needing to do anything extra, so taking camps should be a priority.
  • Scavenger Encounters - When you find encounters (marked on your map as a hand icon), seek them out and score an easy 50 from the scavenger, as well as another 50 if you decide to be a murderer.
  • Face Storms - Head to a storm and find crates, which you can break open against walls to easily collect scrap (you'll have to get out of the Magnum Opus, so make sure you park it in a strong defensive position).
  • Hijack Scrapulance Vehicles - These vehicles, which belong to the Scrotus Enemies faction, can be turned into a bunch of scrap if you chase them down and kill their driver, then return the vehicles to a Stronghold. You could get hundreds in scrap if you get the vehicle to such a destination in one piece.
  • Steering Wheel Reference - Get in the car on the left side often enough and Chumbucket will make a comment about the steering wheel's placement.