Back 4 Blood Annual Pass Season Pass DLC

Back 4 Blood Annual Pass: What do you get in the season pass?

Back 4 Blood will have an annual pass that brings new content to the game. Many fans are wondering if the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate Editions of the game are worth the extra money since they come with the annual pass. So, what comes with the Back 4 Blood season pass? We’ll take a look.

What comes in the Back 4 Blood Annual Pass?

Like most games these days, Back 4 Blood will have a season pass (called an Annual Pass here, but it’s the same thing). Unfortunately, there’s not much information available about what it’ll include.

So far, we know that the Back 4 Blood Annual Pass will come with the Digital Deluxe and Ultimate Edition of the game. The description for the Annual pass states it’ll include three upcoming downloadable content drops with:

  • New story
  • Additional playable characters
  • New special mutated ridden
  • and more

We can also assume that the Annual Pass will be available as a separate purchase once the game launches. However, pricing details aren’t available yet.

Aside from the vague description accompanying the pre-order pages for Back 4 Blood, we don’t know what the DLC will contain. However, if we go by the DLC released for a very similar game made by Turtle Rock Studios, Left 4 Dead, we’ll see new campaigns (or acts) included, new versus maps, and possibly new modes.

One of the big additions players are hoping to see added to the game is a campaign versus mode that allows PvP in the story maps. Hopefully, we’ll also see some mod support in a post-launch update as well since player-made add-ons are what kept the Left 4 Dead series alive for over a decade past launch.

We’ll learn more about the Back 4 Blood DLC soon. There’s only two months until the game launches on October 12, 2021.

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