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Clicker Heroes iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

Unlike many similar games here it’s less cost effective to actually upgrade them than to buy new ones or purchase the later/more expensive upgrades. In other words it’s always a better idea to wait and get the bigger number of coins for the best upgrade.

Unlock and upgrade your big level heroes first then as you play focus on the lower levels to max them out and unlock all skills, then work your way up.

You can use Ascension before stage 140, by upgrading Amenhotep – but you shouldn’t. Ascension basically resets the game and you start over, normally with a few extra goodies. But if you don’t get to level 140, you could miss on some Hero Souls.

Every Hero Soul that you have, when restarting your run, gives a 10% boost to all damage that you cause in the game.

Don’t spend Hero Souls on getting Ancients, because at this stage these Ancients won’t give you as much as a boost as the Hero Souls themselves will.