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Tips and Tricks

Equipment can be improve through strengthening.

Items or Reinforcement Kits are required to improve your equipment and they can be purchased in the shop.

Costumes and accessories are cannot be strengthen.

You can extract items to get runes and they can be used to change the option of an item.

You will only get Runes from extracting items above A-Grade.

Hire a Soldier as he gives you additional buffs depending of course on how powerful the soldiers is.

You may also receive some payments when your soldier was hired by the other players.

Combos will appear if you have 3 or more blocks that are matched for 2 or more consecutive times. Your every turn should have atleast 1 match to avoid breaking the combo.

Chains will only appear if you get remove 2 or more lines of block for a single turn.

There are two Ranking System that will give you rewards: Rank Points Rank and Challenge Rank. The higher your rank is the better your rewards. Rewards will be sent through mailbox.