Box art - Card King: Dragon Wars

Card King: Dragon Wars iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

Set your rarest card and most highly leveled card to be the helper, as this is the card that other players will choose as their sidearm in battle.

You will earn dragon fangs for free by choosing your own helper or when another player chooses your top card as helper.

Support cards combined with either an offensive card or a drag attack, can do massive amounts of damage to the opposing cards. Combine them with splash cards (especially with the blue magic splash cards) to do an epic amount of damage to every single enemy card on the screen.

Easy way to get rid of excess cards is to use them as sacrifices to enhance your active team. Once a card is maxed out, and you have the right runes, you can then evolve it and turn it into a rarer version of itself.

Complete the missions, both the daily and the global missions, and you will earn more Dragon Stones.

Use five Dragon Stones at a time to get a turn at the “deep” creature egg. You’re very likely to get two, three and four star cards this way, and completing quests will allow the Dragon Stone gravy train to keep rolling even if you don’t spend real life money.

Purple is loaded with ability cards that have big devastating effects, such as poison or attack boosts, that cost very little magic to use.

Each fighter comes with five ability cards, and they cannot be switched out or traded between fighters.

Coins are not as necessary as the other currencies, but if you want to do evolutions and combinations in the lab, they are absolutely necessary.

You can earn coins by completing the daily and global quests. Once you unlock PvP mode, you’ll be able to earn big coin bonuses depending on what rank you reach.