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Destiny: The Taken King A Guide to Completing King’s Fall – Warpriest, Golgoroth, and Oryx Strategy

Destiny: The Taken's King's first major raid has opened. It's called The King's Fall and it features a total of four bosses. Unlike some of Destiny's other content, entry isn't gated. So, you can enter when you want, although a Light level of 290+ is recommended. See here for a guide to gearing up fast to increase your Light level and effectiveness.


Opening the Portal

At the start of the raid, you and your team will need to open a portal. To accomplish this, orbs must be moved to a statue toward the middle. After this step, two statues will spawn in the same area. At this point, your team should break up into three groups of two. One member of each of these groups should be responsible for picking up an orb on the left or right and delivering it to the newly erected statue. The second person in these two groups should assist the player by destroying the large barriers that halt progression. The third group should stay in the hallway 


This step will need to be repeated several times in order to gain access to the portal. Once opened. You can proceed to the the ship.


The Ship

To begin this battle, your group should split up into one group of two, and another of four players. The group of two is responsible for canceling the barrier when it appears. There are two switches that must be stepped on to achieve this.

During this time, the four other players should head across to the destination. Once they clear the barrier, two of these team members should stand on the switches to allow the team of two to cross through the barrier and join the crew. Following this the team will need to jump from one ship to the other.


Through the Barriers

Note: There is a secret chest in this area. See this guide to learn how to get it.

As with the first area of the raid, for this challenge the team should split into two groups of three. Enemies will spawn often in this area and will need to be taken care off.

One player on each side should pick up the orb to provide damage mitigation from the persistent damage in the side rooms. Note that this orb has a limited duration, and upon it ending will jump to another nearby player.  When a player has the orb jump off them, that player needs to head to the middle area to clear the orb debuff. Once done enough times, the group can proceed through the door and enter the first boss area.


Boss #1: The Warpriest

Note: Check out this guide to view all items that can drop from this boss and others in King's Fall.

Quick Strategy
  • Kill knights.
  • Stand on the switch corresponding to the visible tombstone glyph.
  • Group up on buffed team member and deal damage to boss.
  • Hide behind tombstone when Oculus appears.

Full Strategy

To begin, kill the Knights. Each is associated with one of three switches in the room. Once all three are taken care of, three team members should step on the switches to begin the glyph sequence.

A glyph sequence visible on the tombstones will appear after a few seconds. Someone on the team should communicate which glyph it is, and everyone should step on the corresponding switch. After a short period of being immobilized, a buff will be present on a team member. Everyone except the person with this buff should group on the teammate and begin dealing damage to The Warpriest. The person with the buff will need to attack non-boss enemies as quickly as possible to continue the buff, allowing the team to continue dealing damage.


After a short period of time, the Oculus will appear. Everyone should gather and hide behind the same tombstone.

After this, repeat as necessary until the boss is downed. If you aren't able to take down The Warpriest before four tomestones are utilized, the battle will end in failure. The best way to combat this is make sure that the person who receives the buff after glyph phase is killing enemies efficiently to provide ample time for teammates to deal damage to the boss.


Golgoroth's Maze

Note: There is a secret chest in this area. See this guide to learn how to get it.

This maze requires you to take a specific path to reach a door. Watch the video below for the complete path to avoid getting lost.


Boss #2: Golgoroth

Note: Check out this guide to view all items that can drop from this boss and others in King's Fall.

Quick Strategy

  • Designate two team members to toggle hate on boss by shooting him in the back of the head.
  • The other four team members should group up on orb buff and deal damage to boss.
  • Head to second level when all orbs are used and the boss charges up an attack.
  • Prioritize adds to avoid being overwhelmed.

Full Strategy

Begin the battle by shooting the orb on the ceiling. Once it drops, Golgoroth will spawn.

Focus on killing the group of adds that swarm your team at the beginning of the fight. Once their numbers are low, a player on your team should shoot the weak spot on Golgoroth's head. This will make him focus on the player, making him vulnerable from the front. Four of the other team members should then head to the front of Gorgoroth and begin shooting at him. Meanwhile, a sixth player should stand on the second level behind where Gorgoroth is facing. This will allow two team members to toggle his attention by shooting him in the back of the head.

Before focusing DPS on Gorgoroth, the four players below should shoot an orb from the ceiling to make it drop to the floor. When this happens, a big DPS buff will be provided to those standing in its area of effect. Without this buff, players will do virtually no damage to the boss.

The battle is a matter of having two players toggle hate on Gorgoroth, with the other four triggering the DPS buff and unloading on his weak point at the stomach.

Much of the difficulty of this encounter comes from timing and positioning with hate toggle and DPS buffs, all while adds regularly spawn to distract teammates. Preferably, adds can be prioritized for one of your primary four DPS team members, with the others focused on dishing damage to Gorgoroth.

At some point the final orb will fall to the floor, and when this happens Gorgoroth will charge up a slam attack. All teammates should head to the second floor. Following this, everyone should focus on adds for a short period of time and transition to prioritizing survivability.

During the final phase of the battle more adds will spawn, which should be taken care of by one or team team members. In addition Gorgoroth will begin firing dangerous projectiles at his focus target. These can be destroyed with gunfire. Everyone should use Supers during this stressful period of the battle, and deal damage to Gorgoroth when things are under control.


Transept Jump Puzzle

Note: There is a secret chest in this area. See this guide to learn how to get it.

This area provides a unique platforming challenge that requires careful movement and jumping. It bridges two of the raid's boss battles.


Boss #3: Daughters of Oryx

Note: Check out this guide to view all items that can drop from this boss and others in King's Fall.

Quick Strategy

  • Designate a player as the relic runner who will traverse invisible platforms and slam the daughter.
  • Designate four players to stand on pillar switches in counter-clockwise sequence.
  • Group up on relic runner and deal damage, but don't kill daughter on first encounter.
  • Kill adds and finish off daughters during their second appearance.

Full Strategy

There are four pillars present in the boss area. Each of these have a switch on top of them, and there's also a relic that spawns which needs to be moved by a designated player.

Begin the battle by appointing one teammate as a relic runner. This player will be in charge of not only picking up the relic, but moving it to its destination. Meanwhile, four other players will be in-charge of one pillar each. These four players will need to stand on the switch on top of the pillars in a counter-clockwise sequence in order to reveal invisible platforms for the relic runner to jump to and deliver the relic. The sequence must begin one left of the spark in the sky and go counter-clockwise. While standing on the switches, each of the four players should be ready to kill the enemies that spawn off the side of the map in the distance.


The relic runner should pick up the relic and then slam it (X on PlayStation) on the sister in the middle, lowering her shield in the process. The team should then begin dealing damage to her while next to the relic runner. However, don't kill her just yet as the other daughters will become much more powerful if you do so. Your goal will be get al four sisters to low health and then finish them off during their second appearance.

A new phase will begin after the sister dashes away to recharge her shield. During this phase many adds spawn. While killing the adds, all four pillar switch players should get back in position.

This battle repeats the above sequence until you've killed all the sisters.


Boss #4: Oryx, The Taken King

Note: Check out this guide to view all items that can drop from this boss and others in King's Fall.

Quick Strategy

  • Split up and kill Ogres as quickly as possible.
  • Shoot Oryx in the stomach while dodging attacks.
  • Dispose of Ogre bombs before they explode.
  • Group up in the middle when fog appears and kill the Shade of Oryx.
  • Focus fire Oryx when he has low health and appears on side of platform.

Full Strategy

Note: This boss is considered very challenging. You will want each player on your team to be equipped with a minimum of Light 295 gear before attempting the boss.

Begin by splitting up and taking out adds, prioritizing Knights in the process. Soon after Oryx will slam the center of the area summoning Light-Eater Ogres that provide a huge threat. These need to be taken down immediately. If you kill an Ogre, be sure to go and assist another teammate with theirs.

Your team should then meet in the middle to take out the Knight. After this happens, Oryx will become vulnerable. Have all players focus on shooting his glowing stomach. High damage is needed to to successfully clear the battle.

Players should then disperse and focus on taking out the Ogre bombs. It is best to have one player designed to each bomb during this portion of the battle. Orxy will then shoot light beams which needs to be dodged on the move.


When the fog appears you will have much less cover than before and must meet your team in the middle. Focus on the Shade of Oryx with as much damage output as possible. Once the Shade of Oryx goes down the fog will clear, revealing many adds that need to be taken out. Once these adds are down, complete the Ogre phase one more time and then unload on Oryx' stomach.

Oryx will then disappear before reappearing off the side of the platform, charging up a huge light attack, but opening up his stomach for attack. If your team is able to deal enough damage to him by shooting his stomach during this phase, you will kill him, completing the raid in the process.