Box art - Skylanders SuperChargers

Skylanders SuperChargers Stats Guide

Skylanders have five statistics that you should consider before using them in any particular level. While levelling a Skylander increases Maximum Health, it doesn't impact the Skylander's Speed, Armor, Critical Hit, and Elemental Power.

Maximum Health

This increase the Skylander's maximum health points which the most important stat when it comes to survivability.


This stat determines the foot speed of your Skylander across land for better maneuverability and agility.


Every three points in this stat reduces oncoming damage by 1%. Certainly, dodging should be your first defensive strategy but in case you need a tank, look at this stat for the Skylander's overall endurance.

Critical Hit

For more offensively-minded Skylanders, one point in Critical Hit imparts 1% chance in scoring a critical hit, which hits 50% harder than normal hits. This is important if you're looking for hero with high Damage Per Second.

Elemental Power

If you match a Skylander to its appropriate elemental zone, that Skylander will gain a boost in power determined by this stat. Each point in Elemental Power increases the Skylander's bonus by 1%. Combine this with a high Critical Hit, and you'll be taking down foes in no time.

New Skylanders Stat Table

For a quick comparison, here is a table of the starting stats of the new Skylanders in Superchargers.


Skylander NameMaximum HealthSpeedArmorCritical HitElemental Power
Hurricane Jet-Vac (Air)2404312625
Stormblade (Air)220506625
Nightfall (Dark)2304361025
Smash Hit (Earth)3503524225
Shark Shooter Terrafin (Earth)2703524425
Lava Lance Eruptor (Fire)2903524825
Spitfire (Fire)2005018825
Super Shot Stealth Elf (Life)1905012625
Thrillipede (Life)2505012825
Astroblast (Light)1803518625
Big Bubble Pop Pizz (Magic)3004324425
Splat (Magic)240436425
High Volt (Tech)2605024225
Double Dare Trigger Happy (Tech)3005018625
Fiesta (Undead)230506425
Tomb Buggy (Undead)2205012625
Dive-Clops (Undead)2503530425
Deep Dive Gill Grunt (Undead)2703524625