Psychonauts 2 Queepie Locations

Psychonauts 2 Queepie Locations: Where to find in the Questionable Area

Here are all the Psychonauts 2 Queepie locations to be found within the Questionable Area. The Psychonauts 2 Queepie quest is one of the more annoying missions in the game, as it requires finding Raz’s little brother a total of six times in the large, sprawling Questionable Area forest. So here’s where to find Queepie in Psychonauts 2 in all six of his locations, as well as how to get to those locations, the final reward, and where to find Queepie after Psychonauts 2’s end credits.

Psychonauts 2 Queepie location 1

Psychonauts 2 Queepie Locations 1

Queepie can be first found just up from the Aquato camp between the water-wheel house and the noticeboard next to the river.

To start the quest the player obviously has to talk to Raz’s mother first, then just head up a little and Raz will hear a loud radio playing the game’s pirate radio station being run by Morris the intern. This radio is the best audio clue to find Queepie, as it can be heard even if he’s far above Raz. Talk to him here and he’ll run off to the next location.

Where to find Queepie location 2

Psychonauts 2 Queepie Locations 2

Queepie can be found by heading up through the bigfoot cave entrance next to his first location, after which Raz will emerge on the platform above.

After this point, the locations will get more tricky.

Where to find Queepie location 3

Psychonauts 2 Queepie Locations 3

Queepie can be found by heading back towards the Aquato camp and over the old bridge, after which Raz will hear the radio again. Queepie is far above this exact point in a little shack in the trees (above), so climb up through vines and bouncing off the spring-like round bushes until Raz is high enough to get there.

Where to find Queepie location 4

Psychonauts 2 Queepie Locations 4

Queepie can be found high in the trees again, at the end of a wooden pathway overlooking the funicular.

The easiest way to get to this point is to get on top of the public bathroom building and bounce with Levitation to grab the ladder, then head upwards from here.

Where to find Queepie location 5

Psychonauts 2 Queepie Locations 5

Queepie can be found on top of the old cafe at the edge of the Questionable Area, where Sam is cooking pancakes with her animal “assistants.”

This is probably the location most players miss because it’s the biggest distance away from the Aquato camp and Queepie is right on the furthest edge of the building. To get up to the roof, there is a broken truck in front of the cafe with the hood popped open. Use the hood like a spring and Raz will bounce to the top of the building, then simply run over to Queepie.

Where to find Queepie location 6

Psychonauts 2 Queepie Locations 6

The last Queepie location is in a hidden area just behind the Aquato camp, obscured by some trees. Head up unto the trees, possibly by swinging over using the trapeze by location 2 after the Bigfoot cave. Raz will eventually see a hanging metal trapeze in the trees (above). Grab it and it’ll lower him to Queepie’s final hiding spot — or, just jump and Levitate down there from above.

Congratulations, the Queepie hunt quest is now complete. As a reward, Queepie will give Raz a completed Psi-Core to upgrade him to the next level. Additionally, to find Queepie after the quest is ended, head to Morris and the pirate radio station in the big tree next to the Motherlobe — he’s gone to hang out with his idols.

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