New World endgame content

New World Endgame Content: What to do at Level 60

Amazon Game Studios’ New World is killing it at launch, though players already have questions about endgame content in the new MMORPG. Many users are wondering what lies in store for them after hitting the max level cap, namely in terms of exclusive PvE and PvP content. So, here’s the latest on New World endgame content available to PC players at launch.

Does New World have endgame content?

New World endgame content

After hitting Level 60 in New World, players can engage in plenty of endgame content. Max level users can participate in New World endgame tasks including the following:

List of New World endgame content

  • Side quests
    • New World features tons of optional side quests that aren’t necessary to completing the main story or reaching the level cap.
  • Crafting
    • Gathering resources, purchasing upgrades, and leveling trade skills will allow players to make some of the best endgame gear.
  • Legendary weapon quests
    • After reaching max mastery (20) with each of the 11 weapon types, players can undertake a unique quest for each of them.
  • Arenas
    • Play Arenas to earn money and loot, ultimately increasing users’ endgame gear scores.
  • Expeditions
    • Running Expeditions is a great way for players to better their equipment loadouts.
  • Outpost Rush
    • Playing this PvP mode at Level 60 is a great way to increase gear score while earning money and resources.
  • Invasions
    • Queueing for Invasions during the endgame phase is a good means of increasing gear score while showcasing max-level play.
  • Wars
    • PvP is a great endgame activity for any players looking to test their skill, while also earning some of the best available rewards.
  • Corrupted Breaches
    • Beating these recurring portal events can earn players high-level loot and resources.
  • Faction gear
    • By farming faction missions, players can earn unique high-level faction gear in New World.
  • Elite mobs
    • Investigating points of interest on the map can lead players to elite/named mobs and field bosses, which may drop quality loot.

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