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Halo 5: Guardians Xbox One Cheats

General Tips

  • You can skip the fight with the three wardens that occurs just before the end of Mission 14. Your goal is to reach the high platform with the destroyed steps. The first method is to use the floating platform, located to the right of the goal area. Jump toward your destination, rush as you reach the peak of that jump, and climb over an invisible wall. You have to time the jump perfectly, and aim for the left corner of the platform to climb onto it. Then you can simply move forward to finish the mission. A second method is to let the blue arrows boost you into the air. They're located along the room's left and right sides. After entering the area, turn to the right and run toward the jump platform. Touch the arrow so that you boost into the air. As you are airborne, look toward the goal platform. Boost toward it and engage your smash. Aim for the far edge of the platform and smash down so that you land just along the edge of the platform. Now all you need to do is climb up and move forward to finish the mission.