Box art - Star Wars: Battlefront (2015),Star Wars: Battlefront (2014)

Star Wars: Battlefront (2015),Star Wars: Battlefront (2014) PS4 Cheats


"Gonk? Gonk!" - Capture three droids in a match of Droid Run - Bronze

A cunning warrior - Reach level 3 once with any Trait (Multiplayer) - Silver

A New Hope - Play every Multiplayer game mode - Silver

A tremor in the Force - Play once as all of the different heroes (Multiplayer) - Bronze

Ackbar's Elite - Complete any Survival mission on Master difficulty without dying - Silver

All right, I'll give it a try - Earn a star on all training missions - Bronze

Best star pilot in the galaxy - Destroy 10 TIE fighters within 2 minutes on the Beggar's Canyon mission - Bronze

Collector - Earn any diorama figurine in the game - Bronze

Crush them with one swift stroke… - Trample 25 soldiers with an AT-ST (Multiplayer) - Bronze

Determined - Complete 25 Challenges - Silver

Distinguished - Earn 100 Accomplishments - Silver

Don't get cocky - Defeat both the Millennium Falcon and Slave I - Bronze

Don't underestimate the Force - Earn a total of 100 kills while playing as a hero (Multiplayer) - Silver

Do… or do not. There is no try - Complete the Tutorial - Bronze

Great shot, kid! - Kill an enemy who is using a Jump Pack (Multiplayer) - Bronze

Hold the line! - Kill 10 enemies while attacking or defending a control point in Supremacy - Bronze

I suggest a new strategy - Use a partner's Star Card hand 10 times (Multiplayer) - Bronze

I've been waiting for you - Kill 10 enemies trying to claim your team's pod in Drop Zone - Bronze

Impressive. Most impressive. - Earn a total of 5 stars from Battle missions - Bronze

in a galaxy far, far away…. - Win one match in each Multiplayer game mode - Silver

Judge me by my size, do you? - Reach Rank 25 - Bronze

Master - Earn all mission stars on Master difficulty - Gold

Never tell me the odds! - Successfully perform Cooling Flush 10 times (Multiplayer) - Bronze

New Recruit - Complete any mission - Bronze

Not bad for a little furball - Get hit in the head by a rock from an Ewok on Endor - Bronze

Off to a good start - Win any Battle mission on Normal difficulty against the AI - Bronze

On the ball - Complete any Survival mission on Master difficulty within 35 minutes - Bronze

Platinum Trophy - Collect all other STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ Trophies - Platinum

Playing the objective - Have the most kills in a match of Blast - Bronze

Precision shot - Get 10 headshots with the Cycler Rifle (Multiplayer) - Bronze

Safety ain't the point of a joyride - Take no damage in the Endor Chase mission - Bronze

Scrap collector - Earn any collectible Star - Silver

Shoot first - Be the first in a match to earn a kill (Multiplayer) - Silver

Stay on target - Kill 10 enemies in a match of Fighter Squadron - Bronze

Survivor - Earn a total of 5 stars from Survival missions - Bronze

Tell Jabba that I've got his money - Earn a total of 25 000 credits (Multiplayer) - Silver

That got him! - Use a tow cable to destroy an enemy AT-AT in Walker Assault - Silver

The Force is strong with this one - Earn 10 kills in a match as any hero on Hero Hunt - Bronze

The power of the Force - Defeat another hero while playing as any hero on Heroes vs Villains - Bronze

Together we can rule the galaxy - Complete any mission with a friend - Bronze

Walker defender - Destroy a Y-wing in Walker Assault - Bronze

What's the cargo? - Kill 10 enemies carrying the cargo in Cargo - Bronze

When 900 years old you reach… - Reach Rank 50 - Gold

Your journey has only started - Complete all missions - Bronze