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Mobile Strike iPhone Cheats

General Tips

  • You have to go back into the mission screen to collect your reward. This might be useful. If an enemy attacks, they can’t steal your resources if you haven’t claimed them yet. So claime them when you need them.
  • Completing missions unlocks skill points for your commander. Make sure you spend time assigning those points to them so that you can use such skills in battle.
  • Place as many resource gathering buildings as you can afford and keep it balanced.
  • Join an alliance and you will gain an instant gold bonus, plus new missions and objectives unlocked too, with more of a focus on raiding enemy outposts.
  • When your alliance friend buys an in-app purchase, everyone gains a reward.
  • Scout bases to figure out who has abandoned the game, then attack them. It's a easy profit with no risk of reprisal.
  • Connect your Facebook account to Mobile Strike and you’ll unlock the Gold Mine that can be used to gift gold to friends and alliance members, as well as receive such presents in return.