Destiny 2 Halo CE Magnum Forerunner Exotic

Destiny 2 gets an exotic spin on the Halo CE Magnum for Bungie’s 30th anniversary

Many players have been anticipating Halo-themed weapons for Bungie’s 30th Anniversary in Destiny 2. While it’s not an “official” version of the gun, the Halo CE Magnum has made it into Destiny 2 as the Forerunner Exotic Kinetic Sidearm. This is just one of the weapons that Bungie has added for its anniversary celebration, but it’s arguably the most exciting.

Is the Halo CE Magnum in Destiny 2?

Destiny 2 Halo CE Magnum Forerunner Exotic Bungie 30th Anniversary

Starting today, players can get the Halo CE Magnum in Destiny 2 by competing in the new Dares of Eternity mode. In addition, the Forerunner Catalyst is also available via the same mode.

The lore text for the Halo CE Magnum is:


A new chapter for an old legend.

Banshee-44 considered the relic on his workbench and the questions on his mind; one stood out above the rest: who were you meant for?

The form of the weapon suggested an oversized sidearm—a secondary weapon for a giant’s hands. The function presented more so as an anti-material rifle. “Looks to be 12.7mm… it’s like they were making a hand cannon but didn’t know it yet.”

Banshee wondered further about the warrior who could wield such a thing. His attention drifted momentarily, drawn by Shaxx’s voice booming nearby. “Huh. Yeah. A Titan, maybe… and a big one too.”

The weapon was laced with fractures from a life of fire and a sleep of ice, and perhaps other, more exotic stresses. Banshee wished he could’ve heard the relic’s voice, but he knew from earlier examination that it had fired its last round. What a last round it must have been.

The Guardian who brought it to him might be willing to try a shot, untroubled by the risk of a rapid unplanned dismantle. But Banshee knew it wouldn’t last through a single magazine.

Beside the relic lay a stripped-down Breechlight. He would adapt it for a larger round. Custom casings and handguard. Sensorium link scope… and he had other ideas to try as well.

It would be an homage, an offering to the creators of the original relic. A legacy.

With that satisfying thought in mind, the gunsmith went to work.

Fortunately, the Halo CE Magnum can be obtained independently of the 30th Anniversary Pack so that everyone can wield a piece of Bungie history.

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