Box art - Quantum Break

Quantum Break Collectibles Guide – Act 1

Quantum Break
has a wealth of collectibles in the game, separated between quantum ripples, documents, intel, computers, media, and chronon sources. To earn 100% completion, you will need to gather every collectible.

Even though Jack's Time Vision power highlights interactable objects fairly well, it's very easy to miss some tablet that you may not see. This guide, split between five sections, will help you make sure that you collect everything on the first try instead of scrambling around.

Note: Of course, there will be minor spoilers if you read too far ahead. I've tried to make the descriptions vague enough so that it doesn't ruin the story. Also, some of the collectibles might be different depending on the choices you make at various junction points in the story.

Below is a list of all of the collectibles in Act 1 in sequential order as given by the game's timeline. If you would like to head to a different act, please use the handy menu below.


Act 1/Part 1

1. Riverport University Map – Right when you get out of the taxi, the map is straight forward and lit to the left

2. Protest Flier – Walk up the steps through the arches near the entrance and this document is on the table on the left beneath the banner with the words “Join the Protest”

3. Stop Monarch Problems Poster – Keep heading straight and you'll another glass stand with this poster inside, it's right across from the bench with the college couple

4. Sofia Amaral Seminar Poster – Along the same path as the Stop Monarch Problems Poster, is this poster also in a lit glass case

5. Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show – Located near the circular ceiling rotunda in the middle of campus, the radio is right next to a Riverport University sign with a “Please Go Around” sign plastered on it.

6. Amy's Monarch Timeline – Right next to Amy, a protester that you can speak to near the glass ceiling rotunda, is this poster on a billboard that talks about all of the activities of Monarch Solutions

7. Return (Video File) – Near the protester Amy is a tent with a television where you can see this video playing. (Water into ocean, two FBI agents, endless sea of darkness, murder in the woods, dark hallway, agent Alex Casey also dead

8. Paul Serene Focus Article - Near the entrance of the physics building, along the left-hand side and past the casually-dressed security officer Liam Burke, is a thin stone slab with a dedication to this professor

9. Dr. Kim Memorial Article – This poster is to the left of the Paul Serene Focus Article near the entrance of the science building

10. Re: William Joyce Clearance (Email) – After the conversation with Paul Serene in the physics building, go around to the other side of the desk (you snoop) and you can find this document near one of the computer screens

11. Monarch Solutions Job Fair Poster - Before heading up the elevator as directed by Paul on the first floor of the new science building, walk a little past that. Near the scale model of the science building is a billboard with this poster on it.

12. Project Promenade Presentation – When you reach the second floor, you will view a presentation of Project Promenade, like a miniature TedTalk from Paul before moving on. You could skip it if you want to, but don't you want to fill your progression bar?

13. Photo of Jack and Paul – This photo next to a trophy with a ram on it with a “Park City Utah” plaque is in the first office alcove within the top-secret experimental test area. Make sure you nab this as well as the Project Promenade Beta Test before moving on to the next office alcove or you'll miss both.

14. RE: Project Promenade Beta Test – After entering the test area of the device, this email will be in the first office alcove within the room. It's to the left of the Photo of Jack and Paul

15. RE: Coming Home – Next to the walking platform to the seat of the large experimental apparatus in the experimental science lab is another computer with this email on it.

16. Corridor Schematics – This image is on another poster billboard next to the walking platform to the second office alcove and is also next to the RE: Coming Home email.

Act 1/Part 2

1.Paul Serene Lab Clearance – After side-stepping your way through the server room, don't go through the doors yet. Go back to the circular desk in the middle of the server room and you'll find this email on the computer there.

2. Quantum Ripple – After your first firefight in the lab, there is a marker board on the right-hand side that has bunch of equations on it. Examine it and it will activate your first Quantum Ripple.

3. FWD: Library protest – Before heading to the elevator in the lounge area, there is a couch behind the elevator with a laptop that has this email waiting for you.

4. University Operation – When Jack freezes time again in the lobby of the science building, don't rush off out of the exit just yet. The main desk has another email on a tablet. Not sure where it came from since the start of the game, but there it is.

Act 1/Part 3

1. Bobby Radford Riverport Radio Show - After leaping over the port-a-potties to reach the library, you will be in a construction site with a barrel right in the middle of the field with a radio on top of it

Act 1/Junction 1

1. Quantum Ripple - Look at the ram statue along the righthand side before meeting the NPC at the end.

2. William Joyce Dossier – Right before activating your first junction point, you will find this document on the right-hand side close to the map of ground zero of the campus.

3. Jack Joyce Dossier – Similar to the William Joyce Dossier, right before activating your first junction point, you will find this document on the right-hand side close to the map of ground zero of the campus.