Monster Raid iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • Each monster has an elemental type that has a weakness, but is also strong against another element. Watch out for those in battle
  • As a general rule fire is strong against physical, and physical is strong against water, and water is strong against fire. There’s also light and dark, and these elements are strong against each other.
  • Complete the quests for rewards.
  • Check the monster book for detailed stats on each of the monsters
  • Level up your monsters outside of battle by combining them. If you have extra monsters that you don’t plan on raising, you can fuse them with another monster to power up that base monster. If you use monsters of the same type, they receive bonus experience.
  • You can also “enchant” your monsters. It's like a separate level from your monster’s normal level. When you enchant a monster, they gain a +1 on their portrait. Enchanting provides big stat boosts to your monster, but in order to do it you need special materials and some coins.