Box art - DiRT Rally

DiRT Rally PC Cheats

Steam Achievements

#ThrowbackThursday - Win a Masters Championship Event In the MINI Cooper S.

...Party at the Back - Fully upgrade a RWD vehicle.

4 - Fully upgrade a vehicle in four different vehicle classes.

Absolutely Brilliant - Finish a Stage with the fastest time in Championships.

Any Given Sunday - Complete a Weekly Event.

Born to Run - Become Champion at Masters level in Championships.

Boss - Have all of your engineers operating at maximum efficency.

Business at the front... - Fully upgrade a FWD vehicle.

Child of the 80's - Win a Championship in a 1980s RWD vehicle.

Dependable - Complete a Monthly Event.

DiRTy Love - Watch the credits.

Does Your Mother Know? - Win a Championship in a 1970s vehicle.

Easier Said Than Done - Finish in the Top Tier of an Online Event.

Faster Chief - Unlock the Crew Chief's 5th level of skills.

Fire Spitting Monsters - Win a Championship in a Group B 4WD vehicle.

First Time's the Charm - Finish an Event in Championships without restarting a Stage.

Full House - Hire Engineers into every slot in your Service Area.

Garage Space - Own a vehicle in four different classes.

Genius At Play - Achieve a Team Rating of 70.

Gotta get me one of these - Complete a Daily Event.

Happy Trails - Get promoted to Elite level in Championships.

Homologation - Win a Championship in a Group A vehicle.

Hot Coffee - Apply a Perk to an Engineer.

How You Like Me Now? - Change your Livery.

I am the 5% - Win an event in headcam.

It's Gonna Cost Ya - Hire an Engineer to work in your Service Area.

Kick the Tyres - Complete a Shakedown.

King of the World - Get promoted to Masters level in Championships.

Little Light - Win a Night Stage in Championships.

Local Hero - Get promoted to Clubman level in Championships.

Maximum Attack - Win every stage on a 12 stage event with all assists off.

Moar Wheel Drive - Fully upgrade a 4WD vehicle.

Mondays Be Like… - Crashed your car so bad it ended your rally.

Nailed It! - Rolled your car, landed on your wheels and carried on.

National Treasure - Get promoted to Professional level in Championships.

Nobody Knows I’m Famous - Win three Masters Championships using three different vehicles.

Obviously - Buy a Rally car.

On The Limit - Be on the red line in top gear for 2 seconds.

Pass the Sauce Ari - Fully upgrade the Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2.

Percolated - Fill three of an Engineer's Perk Slots.

So Last Year - Win a Championship in a 2010s vehicle.

Spirit of the rally - Finish an event after heavily damaging three or more components.

Swingin' 60s - Win a Championship in a 1960s vehicle.

The Traveller - Win a Single Event in three different locations.

Toolbox - Fill three of the Crew Chief's Perk Slots.

Visceral...but in the correct meaning of the word - Win an event with all assists off, no HUD and in headcam.

When Jon met Paul - Win an Event in the Subaru Impreza 1995 with the DiRT 3 livery applied.

WWGFD? - Unlock an upgrade for one of your cars.

You Can Call Me Chief - Apply a Perk to your Crew Chief.