Box art - Dragon Land

Dragon Land iPhone Cheats

General Tips

  • If you get a chance jump on enemies without landing and earn a combo bonus that increases the amount of coins you get from defeating them.
  • Also, your double jump is refreshed every time you stomp on an enemy.
  • Explore each level top to bottom. For instance, in the first world, each level will have a gem for you to find and you need to explore it.
  • From the second world onward, levels will start having crystals in them as well and/or keys that will open secrets for you later in the world.
  • Use your coins to upgrade dragons and increase their stomping power or maximum health.
  • Your dragons get experience when you beat a level with them.
  • Do the golden quests, short, mini levels, for bonuses.
  • There are two shrines, a normal one and a super one that can only be spent with crystals. These shrines will grant you potions, coins, and other goodies. Spend your crystals!