Box art - Farm Heroes Super Saga

Farm Heroes Super Saga Android Cheats

General Tips

  • Keep in mind that there is no time limit for this game, so take your time and think a couple of steps ahead.
  • If you manage to create a T-shaped match you'll boost the quota of crops adjoining them.
  • Managing square-shaped matches will merge all the cropsies in a Super Cropsie and any regular cropsies matched around it will get boosted higher.
  • A sweet score is always nice, but satisfying the objectives is even nicer. Make sure to pay attention to specific objectives for a stage to increase your potential rewards.
  • If you can clear the matches at the bottom of the table first since they are the difficult one.
  • Don't loose your head for score. Finish your objective first then think about the score.
  • Keep in mind also that you'll often need to find matches next to another object, to interact with it, such as when Rancid the Raccoon throws cans into the mix and you need to eliminate them.
  • Always go big ie try to match more than three corps.
  • Don't settle for a match of three crops if you can score 5. If you manage to match 5 at once, you'll eliminate crops of that sort from the board for a hefty points bonus.