Box art - Mabinogi Duel

Mabinogi Duel Daily Effects!

This is the list of Daily Effects you should be aware of:

Sunday: Imbolic / Day of the Kingdom – Bonus gold when purchasing a Booster, Stamina recovery speed doubled.

Monday: Alban Eiler / Day of the Shining Sword – Wing creature’s defense +1, Hero’s Max HP -1 whenever a wing creature dies.

Tuesday: Beltane / Day of Gold – When a gold creature dies, Gold +1 by a 50-percent chance, When gaining gold through Charge, deals two damage by a 50-percent chance, gold +1 (possible to die).

Wednesday: Alban Heruin / Day of Mana – Bonus EXP when a mana card is used, Deals damage by the number of mana cards of grace when using Revive.

Thursday: Lughnasadh / Day of Great Nature – Max HP+1 to a random creature in the field when summoning a leaf creature, Max HP+1 to an opponent’s creature when casting a leaf spell.

Friday: Alban Elved / Day of Darkness – Soul+1 when using Revive, Hero’s HP-1 when soul is gained using Charge.

Saturday: Samhain / Day of the Immortal – +1 random resource when Hero with under 3 HP attacks enemy Hero, +3 Hero HP when Hero with under five HP attacks enemy Hero.