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CSR Racing 2 iPhone Cheats

General Tips

  • Wait for the green light to appear on your dashboard when you're launching, rev your engine so the needle gets to the green zone at the exact time of the start. When you're looking at the perfect time to shift gears use the same method.
  • Special items called fusion parts can be installed after you've upgraded a given component several times. They don't add much to the vehicle's potential, but they make the difference when you're racing an evenly matched car.
  • The tune option in the garage navigation helps you customize certain aspects of the car's performance, but only after you've installed Stage 2 upgrades.
  • Nitrous Oxide - allows you to balance between the power and duration of the nitro burst. Tire Pressure - tune the air pressure in order to better either acceleration or grip.
  • Final Drive - enables you to change up the gear ratio of your car. Use this to prepare yourself better for different kind of races!
  • You can have fun racing the vehicles as you come, but a better way to earn respect is to dress them up to suit your own personality. The result could be additional respect points, which go a long way in the racing world.
  • You'll manage your finest performances when you shift carefully. Any time you get a new vehicle, take the time to figure out when you should be shifting, and the same is true if you add upgrades or tune it. In a close race, superior shifting can make all the difference.