Ninja Dude vs Zombies iPhone Cheats

General Tips

  • Hit 100 coins and gey the ability to take a spin at the gacha for a new character. The gameplay continues to be the exact same no matter which character you use.
  • Sometimes you have the option to watch a video or pay coins in order to continue the round when you lose a round.
  • o get the multiplayer you need to knock off zombies with successive ninja star hits, without missing out on and without striking a zombie who is listed below the safe line. Do either among these things and your combo is reset.
  • Watch out not to knock zombies too far down or the tower will be jeopardized of sinking much more rapidly. Steady yourself, decrease your taps in order to permit the tower to raise back up.
  • You can make coins from the levels themselves, or from seeing an ad video or picking up timed rewards after a round is over.