Box art - PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist

PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist iPhone Cheats

Unlockables and General Tips

  • There are five main characters you can unlock that refer to the PewDiePie’s YouTube channel:

    • Marzia - she is unlocked as soon as you finish the first tutorial.

    • Markiplier - this character can be unlocked for 1000 gold coins as soon as you beat the Jet Fighter.

    • Cinnamon ToastKen - after you beat the Generoll Barrel level, you will be able to buy this character for 1000 gold coins.

    • JackSepticEye - again, for 1000 coins, this character will be available once you beat Deep in the Mines level.

    • Cryaotic - this character is unlocked when you beat the UFO computer level. Of course, he also costs 1000 coins.

    • Duck - after completing all of the levels, you will be able to buy this character in the pants menu for 1000 coins.

  • In the subway level, stand under Tyrannosaurus Rex and attack him with Edgar Fart. Alternatively, you can use Marzia’s Maya Ride skill.

  • Use the pants menu to buy upgrades.

  • You can farm coins by beating levels on difficult or bro mode as they double and triple the number of coins you get, respectively.

  • Blue flag marks the mid-level checkpoint and restores your full health.