Box art - Crab War

Crab War Android Cheats

General Tips
  • There are 3 different types of Crabs: Amethyst which are fast and attack in swarms; Emerald crabs you'll unlock after 50m and are adept at scaring critical hits; Garnet crabs you'll unlock after 80m and move slowly but pack a big punch.
  • Whenever you evolve a crab after crab level 500. you will also receive 1 DNA.
  • Queens are the leaders of your swarm and they spawn automatically and will deal constant damage. You can have no more than 30 queens in total.
  • Keep in mind each queen has 8 skills that you can unlock when your queen reaches level 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 400 and 800 respectively.
  • Also when you reach level 200 your queens will be able to evolve, granting them a huge increase in damage.
  • You can use earned DNA to research up to 36 unique mutations that are powerful and give you special abilities. Each crab type has 3 mutations and if you collect them all you'll get bonus DNA.