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World of Warcraft: Legion How To Get Legendaries In Legion the Fastest Way

Blizzard originally shared that it designed the random Legendary drop system of World of Warcraft: Legion to reward players for simply "playing the game" by providing drops across all content. While this is true to some degree, there is a strong bias towards certain types of content. If you're a player who wants to get an item level 895 legendary as quickly as possible, knowing this information is pivotal.

A survey of a sample size of 4,295 players with legendaries has revealed that daily Emissary Quests are the number one way to acquire a legendary. More specifically, the legendary is granted from opening the treasure box rewarded from completing an Emissary Quest. This method of acquisition makes up for more than 50% of drops.

Coming in at number two are mythic dungeons and raids with only a slightly lower rate of acquisition versus Emissary Quests. Third is World Quests, which come in all varieties.

With this in-mind, here is how each type of content ranked in terms of obtaining a legendary:
  • 1. Emissary Quest Treasure
  • 2. Mythic Dungeons/Raids
  • 3. World Quests
  • 4. Heroic Dungeons/Raids
  • 5. Normal Dungeons/Raids
  • 6. Treasures
  • 7. Other

Outside of the daily Emissary Quest Bag drop rates appear to be biased toward more difficult content. You will find more legendaries by running Mythic level content rather than Normal, for example.

Blizzard states that there is a "catch-up" mechanic baked into the system that ensures all players will be provided a legendary over time. Keep this in mind if you have bad luck.

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