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Battlerite How To Get a Legendary Mount

There are currently three legendary mounts that you can obtain in Battlerite. Each is flashy and very sought after.

Below is what each of the legendary mounts look like and how you can get them.


Goblin Throne Mount

This mount is obtainable by purchasing the Ultimate Fan Pack, which is priced at $29.99 MSRP. The pack also includes some other goodies.

This mount places your character on a throne with two goblins carrying you around.

Lightning Warhound

This mount is exclusive to a small group of people, who include:
  • Developers.
  • Winners of Battlerite contests, such as the “Recruit” art campaign, and the recent video contest.
  • People who have gone above and beyond what can be expected to help the studio or the community out, and have contributed in exceptional ways. Examples include volunteer translators of the game and one of the organizers of the first promotional Battlerite tournament (Tasty Fish Cup), who took the initiative to create it on his own.
  • Influencers who have dedicated a lot of time and effort specifically on Battlerite, who we feel have represented and showcased our game in really good ways.

There is no easy way to earn this mount, sadly.

Molten Warhound

If you don't feel like paying money for the Goblin Throne Mount, the Molten Warhound is your most reasonable way to get a legendary mount.

In order to get the Molten Warhound, you need to follow streamers/influencers who stream the game. The developer regularly gives these to Twitch streamers and YouTubers, for example, to give away to fans. You can regularly find giveaways related to the mount. All you need is a little bit of luck and perseverance to unlock this flashy mount.