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The Best and Worst Battlerite Champions (Tier List)

Battlerite might have a small list of champions, but each of them are distinct and fit into the metagame in a specific manner. While all the champions can be effective, some are valuable in more situations, or sometimes just more simple to perform well with.

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Below we will go over which champions are most worth your time and effort in Battlerite. Note that this is speaking generally, and your mastery of any champion can have very positive results.


Top Tier
  • Croak (Assassin) - He is very difficult to play, but deals incredible damage when played correctly. He is also difficult to lock down and keep track of, making him great at causing anxiety among foes.
  • Pearl (Support)** - This is an extremely reliable healer that hard counters several champions, in addition to dealing some reasonable AoE damage.
  • Poloma (Support) - Poloma best serves as a secondary support, so she is not particularly needed in pick up games. But when fit with a proper composition, she is capable of turning the tables on a moment's notice with powerful healing and utility.
  • Shifu (Brawler) - Shifu can look out for himself in addition to being a solid damage dealer. He is the most reliable Brawler in the game with a very standard yet useful toolkit.

Mid Tier

  • Ashka (Burst)** - Capable of dealing tremendous ranged damage, Ashka is a forced to be reckoned with. He can kite enemies extremely well and can even sustain to a moderate degree with Searing Fire. However, he requires support as he is very easily shut down under pressure.
  • Bakko (Tank)** - This heroic tank is fantastic for team battles. He has great damage mitigation while also being able to harass enemies. His low damage output makes him a very traditional tank that isn't capable of making huge plays in small environments, though.
  • Jade (Burst) - Jade is a very dependable damage dealer capable of incredible damage during late game. Her lack of mobility and hard defensive skills are exploitable weaknesses.
  • Iva (Control) - Iva serves as a great control element to many team compositions. Her ability to stop enemies in their tracks and debuff them sets up good kills. She needs support to be potent, though.
  • Oldur (Support) - He is great at keeping nearby teammates alive, while also surviving pressure when needed. Oldur can be very vulnerable when not patrolling with a teammate or two, though.
  • Varesh (Control) - Varesh offers a great balance of damage output and control, as well as contributing some useful utility. His lack of an outstanding strength is his greatest weakness.

Low Tier

  • Freya (Brawler) - While great in one versus one situations, Freya has a lot of difficulty with survival under pressure. She is especially vulnerable in team fights.
  • Lucie (Support) - Lucie is too gimmicky to be a mainstay in most compositions. She's fun to play, but requires an incredible amount of effort to measure up to other support champions.
  • Rook (Brawler) - Rook is great when berserked, but otherwise is a huge moving target that isn't as scary as his looks would suggest.
  • Sirius (Support) - Sirius is one of the toughest champions to play well. He is also not that great as a primary support. There are much better choices than him in most situations.
  • Taya (Bruiser) - Taya suffers from similar issues to Freya. She doesn't make big enough of an impact on the game to take up a spot.

** denotes a champion that is recommended for new players.