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Battlerite The 3 Best Champions For New Players

Selecting an effective but not too challenging to play character is an incredibly important part of having a good time early on in Battlerite. There is a lot to learn in the game, and playing anything complicated only slows down the process for beginners.

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Below you will find the three heroes that can contribute most with the least amount of knowledge. All three are considered to be highly effective, even in high rated games. So, learning them is well worth your time and effort.

Ashka (Damage)

Ashka is the "simple" mage of Battlerite. He deals incredible damage from range, including area of effect damage and damage over time. He has a couple escapes that you will need to use wisely to avoid death, but when he's alive it's easy for him to dish out high damage that enemies can't ignore. If they do, they are toast. His high damage toolkit and mobility allow him to perform extremely well in small engagements, providing opportunity for him to successfully pull of highlight players. In group battles, he needs to be carefully positioned to avoid being focus fired.
  • Fireball - Launch a Fireball that deals 12 damage. Reapplies Ignite on impact.
  • Fire Storm - Launch 3 Firestorm projectiles. Each projectile deals 14 damage and Ignites the enemy.
  • Searing Flight - Transform into fire and fly to target location dealing 10 damage to nearby enemies.
  • Flamestrike - Engulf an area in flames dealing 20 area damage and Stunning enemies.
  • Molten Fist - Turn into a fist of magma and dash forward. Inflicts Snare and knocks the enemy back.
  • Firewall - Summon a firewall at target location. The wall blocks projectiles and Ignites enemies that pass through it.
  • Searing Fire (EX1) - Transform into Pure Fire and travel to target location dealing 10 damage to nearby enemies.
  • Molten Chains (EX2) - Give rise to a lava stream inflicting Petrify on surrounding enemies.
  • Infernal Scorch (Ultimate) -Transform into a fire elemental and dash forward dealing 36 damage and Igniting enemies. Scorches the ground below you dealing 4 damage every 0.5s.

Bakko (Tank)

This champion is slow paced but extremely potent. As a tank, he's responsible for getting in the faces of enemies and distracting them as damage dealing teammates rain damage on them. His toolkit allows him to jump into battle and disrupt opponents. Bakko is great at sticking to opponents, pressuring them so that they are unable to free cast on your most vital champions, including Support and ranged DPS. He's also a very charming character that is beloved by many players.

  • War Axe - Swing your axe to deal 8 damage to an enemy. Successful hits charges your axe. Each charge increases the power of Blood Axe.
  • Blood Axe - Throw an axe that deals 16 damage. Deals 4 bonus damage for each weapon charge. Inflicts Fading Snare if your axe is fully charged.
  • Valiant Leap - Leap into the air and strike down upon your enemies dealing 22 damage and inflicting Snare.
  • Bulwark - Engulf an area in flames dealing 20 area damage and Stunning enemies.
  • Shield Dash - Dash forward and push an enemy in front of you. Pushing an enemy into a wall deals 16 damage.
  • War Shout - Let loose a War Shout that shields all nearby allies absorbing up to 40 damage.
  • War Stomp (EX1) - Stomp the ground inflicting Incapacitate on all nearby enemies.
  • Shield Slam (EX2) - Dash forward and slam an enemy dealing 12 damage, knocking it back and inflicting Fading Snare.
  • Heroic Charge (Ultimate) - Rush forward and grab an enemy dealing 35 damage and pushing it in front of you. Deals 25 area damage and inflicts Stun when reaching max distance or when colliding with a wall or another enemy.

Pearl (Support)

Regarded as the most desirable support in the game, Pearl is a fantastic champion that has a huge impact on the outcome of every game, even when played by a beginner. She has multiple options for healing allies, while also dealing mild damage and control to opponents. Learning how to most effectively use her ultimate ability is the hardest part of playing her, but it doesn't take too long to figure out. Pearl is an incredible asset to any team, and is probably the best champion out of the three in this guide to start out with, especially given the unpopularity yet necessity of support champions.

  • Volatile Water - Launch a projectile that deals 14 damage. Deals 22 damage and Silences the enemy if your staff is fully charged.
  • Healing Wave - Channel a healing wave that heals the nearest ally for 21 health over 0.45s. Recharges faster for each nearby ally.
  • Dive - Dive into a pool of water and travel to target location. Causes a riptide that deals 12 damage to nearby enemies when you dive.
  • Tidal Wave - Counter the next melee or projectile attack causing a tidal wave that deals 16 damage and knocks nearby enemies back. The wave also heals you for 16 health and recharges your staff.
  • Bubble Barrier - Spawn a bubble barrier at target location that slows enemy projectiles and enemies that enter the space.
  • Bubble Shield - Shield target ally removing all negative effects. Shield absorbs up to 30 damage.
  • Overflow (EX1) - Recharges your weapon.
  • Unstable Bubble (EX2) - Spawn a bubble barrier at target location that slows enemy projectiles and anyone that enters the space. Explodes when the effect ends dealing 26 damage and knocking enemies back.
  • Jaws (Ultimate) - Summon Jaws from the depths to devour enemies dealing 20 area damage. Devoured enemies are removed from battle until Jaws spews them out, dealing 20 damage to all enemies near the landing site. Can be recasted to redirect the landing site.