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General Tips

Episode 1 : Chapter 1
  • “Run! I’ll distract them.” This choice will make Ruben run away, only to return again in chapter 3.
  • “Stay close, I’ll protect you.” If you choose this, Ruben will stay till the chapter 3, but with a black eye.

Chapter 2

  • In the second chapter you can either fight on the bridge or just jump off.

Chapter 3

  • In the third chapter you will have the option to save either Gabriel or Petra. Whoever you don’t choose won’t appear till the end of the episode.

Chapter 4

  • The fourth chapter will let you choose whether you will go through the portal or Alex.

Chapter 5

  • “That's probably best.” Lukas leaves if you choose this option and doesn’t return.
  • “You're staying with us.” This option keeps Lukas in the party for the remained of the episode.

Chapter 6

  • Both of these choices will determine where episode 2 goes, so choose carefully.
  • “Choose Magnus.” If you choose Magnus, you go with Alex.
  • “Choose Ellegaard.” If you choose Ellegaard, you go with Olivia.