Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel How To Obtain the Hidden Pyromancer’s Parting Flame

In Ashes of Ariandel, a new pyromancy flame is introduced called the Pyromancer’s Parting Flame. Its description tells us that it once belonged to Pyromancer Dunnel and has an ability called “Parting Flame”. Upon using this ability, it states that you will release death echoes and gain additional Estus for usage. While I don’t have enough INT/FTH on my character to use this Flame, I thought it was particularly interesting the term ‘death echoes’ is used here, considering there has been no such thing in any Souls game as of yet. Instead, this may be a reference to the souls you carry akin to the blood echoes you carry in Bloodborne.

In order to obtain the Parting Flame, first make your way towards a two-story crypt full of giant bloodsucking flies. On the second floor of this room, there is a shortcut that takes you straight to the main bonfire underneath the attic where Sister Friede sits. It’s trivial to unlock this shortcut in case you die during the upcoming steps. Next, make your way to the first floor of the crypt and look to the wall on the right for the shape of a doorway. Once you find this wall, hit it once to reveal a secret path. Additionally, this floor of the crypt contains a chained handle that unlocks a completely different passage to the first boss fight.

As you walk down the stairs and go outside, you will notice there is a birch root path where you can drop down, as well as a small colosseum in the near distance. After carefully making your way down by stepping on the roots, you will see a skeletal corpse that is holding the Pyromancer’s Parting Flame, along with 2x Homeward Bone. If you choose to enter the colosseum, a fight with an NPC will take place. Once you defeat this NPC, he will drop a new pyromancy spell called “Floating Chaos” which summons a fire-spitting chaos orb. This spell is also used by the NPC during the duration of the battle and deals heavy damage.