Tyranny Attribute Stat Explanations

Might - Might determines the physical strength of a character. Increased Might leads to more powerful attacks and stronger abilities, as well as increasing the Endurance defense.

Quickness - Quickness determines how often a character can use their abilities and spells in combat, reducing cooldown durations.

Wits - The Wits attribute describes a character's mental acuity - their ability to observe their environment and pick up on clues. Wits is used to increase spell strength as well as increase the Magic defense.

Finesse - The Finesse attribute describes a character's physical and mental precision. Finesse is used to determine accuracy of attacks and spells as well as increasing worn armor's chances to reduce a hit type (e.g. a critical to a hit, or a hit to a graze).

Vitality - Vitality determines a character's physical health and their strength of personality. It also increases the Will defense.

Resolve - Resolve determines a character's ability to endure physical and mental challenges. Resolve is the primary attribute used to derive the Endurance, Will, and Magic defenses. It also increases the durations of Afflictions applied by the character.