Box art - Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 Unique Vehicle Locations

There are a total of seven unique vehicles in Watch Dogs 2. These are hidden around the map, and once you drive one it'll be added to your Cars on Demand app. Below we'll go over how you can find each one.


Danger Mobile

This vehicle was made to transport dangerous materials. Or you, in this case.

You can find this bright and shiny van on Yerba Buena Island. It's between two buildings on the island.

Flip Wagon

This fun car is essentially a Volkwagen Type-2 bus. It might not handle well, but that's not the point.

Head to The Painted Ladies and in the alley nearby you will find this vehicle.

Ice Cube

This fun, sporty vehicle is the best performing of the bunch.

It's found in a place called Kirby Grove in teh wilderness of the Northwest end of the map. It's next to a tend on an off-road track.

Mountain King

This vehicle is a Jeep-like off-roading vehicle that resembles the Jurassic Park car.

To locate this vehicle head to Lakeside Park in Oakland behind the Auto Repair Shop. You'll have to do some climbing to get to it, but you'll find it stashed away in a corner.

Rainbow Missile

Finally, a motorcycle. Well, actually it's a scooter. Same thing, right?

This crotch rocket is in San Mateo. You'll find it in a garden guarded by a security staff. You might just have to escalate things to get away with your precious new scooter.

The Dangerzone

This sports car isn't easy to get to. Listen up.

Head to the SVNR building in Nudle. Drive through the gate outside and you'll be able to enter a garage. In here you'll find a panel that can be broken by crashing into it. Do so to reveal a hackable unit. You'll need to hack this in order to enter the garage that houses The Dangerzone. Congratulations!


The wrecker is an old, beat up car with flames painted on the hood.

You can find it in the Port of Oakland. It's hidden behind a stack of shipping containers. What you'll need to do is hack the camera facing the containers, and then hack the car from there.