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Final Fantasy XV How To Earn AP Fast

AP, or Ability Points, are the lifeblood of your party. As with other RPGs, your characters start out weak and low in options, but over time will evolve to become potent and multi-dimensional.

The thing is, you're going to need a lot of AP to progress through your trees. In order to help you power up as quickly as possible, we've put together a short list of the quickest ways to earn AP.
  • Quest completion. All quests reward you with AP. You can also earn bonus AP for completing optional objectives, which are well worth it. Simply pick these up and complete them for your reward.
  • Leveling up. Yes, by simply leveling up a character you will earn AP. This means you will want to always be accomplishing something to continue progression.
  • Perform special moves. When you use counters or warp strikes to kill enemies, you will be rewarded additional AP at the end of battle.

There are other ways of earning AP, but these are the major three. With this in mind, be sure to engage and complete quests, along with their bonus objectives when applicable. Don't be afraid to get into battle, even if just for some experience to potentially level you up. Lastly, once you're in combat try to take out enemies in the flashiest ways possible to get extra AP. Prioritizing these things will go a long way toward allowing you to earn new abilities for each of your characters.

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