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Final Fantasy XV How To Make Money (Gil) Fast

Gil is a rare resource in Final Fantasy XV that you will need to gain access to powerful items. Although there are many ways to make money, there are a few that are better than others.

When you need some extra money, below are the four main ways to line your pockets.


Trade Goods

You will encounter a lot of items that aren't particularly useful to you, but are worth a fine penny at merchants. Many of these items are obtained from battle or completing quests. When you head to a merchant be sure to pay attention to what you sell. Although some items aren't particularly useful and are good to trade in for gil, others are materials you could be using to make powerful items.

Become a Farmer

Upon reaching Cape Caem you will be able to grow vegetables on a plot of land. Doing so is well worth the time investment. It's as simple as planting seeds and waiting for the harvest, which can be quick when you rest your party. Upon waking up you'll find some Carrots fully grown which can be sold for 500 gil each. Congratulations, you're officially a farmer.

Go Hunting

Head to your local diner to find some contracts to pick up. Each will have a recommended level and its bounty stated. It's worth picking up all contracts and knocking them out in groups, preferably those near one another for efficiency. Upon completion, head back to the diner for a handsome prize.

Take Photos

In Lestallum you will meet a photographer named Vyv who could use a hand. He will ask you to head to a specific location and take a photo, usually of a very photogenic area. Although these require a lot of travel, you will earn over 10,000 gil per assignment. This is a great extra way to make money and keep things fresh during your adventure.


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