facebook celebrities glitch

What Is Wrong With Facebook and Its Celebrities Glitch?

Those opening Facebook today could be met with a bit of a shock, as fan messages to celebrity accounts are spamming users’ news feeds. Those following Eminem, Ronaldo, Messi, and many other celebrities are seeing an influx of fan comments that are normally hidden from the user’s personal feed. Here’s the need-to-know info on what is happening and how to fix the Facebook celebrities glitch.

Why are celebrity messages in my Facebook feed?

Celebrity messages are in users’ Facebook feeds because the site is no longer filtering them properly.

Messages to celebrities should normally be viewable to those who search for them or for those visiting the celebrity’s page directly. Instead, these messages are appearing on the personal feed.

Facebook hasn’t yet made a public statement acknowledging the issue and the Meta status page is reporting “No known issues” across its services.

How to stop the Facebook celebrity glitch

To stop the Facebook celebrity glitch, users can unfollow the celebrities that are appearing in the feed.

This should prevent any future messages from appearing.

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