Dead Island 2 Jack Black

Dead Island 2: Is Jack Black’s Voice in the Game?

Dead Island 2 was finally re-revealed at Gamescom Opening Night Live and some people are wondering how much of original developer Yager’s work is still included in the game, in particular the reveal trailer that seemingly featured Jack Black. Here’s our guide to whether the revamped game by Deep Silver Dambuster will be including the voice of Jack Black.

Is Jack Black’s voice in Dead Island 2?

Towards the end of the game’s original 2014 reveal trailer, which you can see above, featured an oblivious jogger making his way down a beachfront boardwalk of southern California’s Venice Beach as zombie-influenced chaos happens behind him. Eventually, his hidden zombie bite leads to his mutation and he joins the horde. A short while after, he’s wiped out by a character that many thought to resemble Jack Black both in build and in voice, who promptly steals the jogger’s sneakers. But was this Jack Black after all?

According to Jack Black himself, it was not his voice in the trailer. He said: “That’s infuriating. Yeah, I can definitely guarantee that’s a Jack Black impersonator. It sounds like the dude that plays me in the Kung Fu Panda TV show.” Jack Black was correct because a little while later, voice actor Mick Wingert confirmed it was indeed him in the trailer. Wingert took over Black’s role of Po in Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness.

Wingert was to play a character called Max, who would transport survivors through California in his customized van. While we saw many characters set to feature in Dambuster’s version of the game during the gameplay video shown at Gamescom, it’s unknown whether Max will still feature in Dead Island 2.

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