Box art - Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run Toad Rally Mode

The Toad Rally Mode allows you to race against other players in order to garner the most coins and fans (who just happen to be Toads). Gathering more Toads means they’ll come to your kingdom and help it grow via the Kingdom Builder Mode. So it’s in your best interest to gather as many Toad Rally Tickets as possible since your progress in that mode leads directly to the future development of your fan base and personal kingdom. You can receive more Toad Rally Tickets by doing the following:

– Play Bonus Games by building Bonus Houses while you’re upgrading your Kingdom
– Win Toad Rally Races
– Collect all the Five Pink Coins present in the World Tour stages
– Buy the full game (this grants you 20 Toad Rally Tickets, 3000 coins and a Question Block decorative item)