How To Fix iOS 16 Battery Drain Issue

How To Fix iOS 16 Battery Drain Issue

iOS 16 is now available to download and install on iPhone 14, 13, both iPhone SE models, iPhone 12, 11, XR, and 8. While the new iOS update implements a huge number of welcome features, some users can be hesitant to update their device in case it negatively impacts performance. This is especially true of those who have battery life fears, as previous iOS updates have been known to cause significant battery drain. If that happens to your device, here’s how to fix iOS 16 battery drain.

iOS 16 Battery Drain Issue Fix

To fix iOS 16 battery drain issues, users should:

  • Check for a new update.
    • While iOS 16 is the major update, Apple will likely roll out X.X1 versions to help fix bugs. These are often deployed in the first few weeks after launch, so it’s well worth checking.
  • Set brightness to Auto.
    • A common cause of battery drain is when screens are left on their brightest setting. Unless it’s required, lowering brightness can save a considerable amount of battery life.
  • Look at which apps use up your battery.
    • When in the Battery section in Settings, scroll down to see all of the apps that have been using your battery. Pay special attention to the apps working in the background, as these might have been sucking up battery life without your knowledge.
  • Check your Battery Health.
    • Under the Battery option in Settings, users can view their overall battery life. If “Service” appears, Apple is recommending that you get your battery swapped out for a new one.

The iPhone 14 is launching alongside iOS 16. If you haven’t yet caught up on the differences between the standard iPhone 14 and the more impressive (and more expensive) iPhone 14 Pro, this guide is worth a read.

Once you’ve sorted those battery issues, you may want to enable the fan-favorite Battery Percentage feature. This puts the remaining battery life percentage into the top-right corner of the screen.

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