Summoners War iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • Focus on attacking one monster until you kill it, instead of spreading out your attacks on all the monsters on the map.
  • Competing in the arena is a great way to rack up experience, crystals and some essential items for your monsters.
  • Having an efficient Healer in your team is a bare necessity if you want to be good at this game.
  • Completing daily missions will grant you 10 crystals every day.
  • You can earn experience points by building a lot of large rocks and then get rid of them, as each of them will grant you 100 experience points.
  • Use the special attacks as soon as possible as they have a recharge timer so you'll be able to use them multiple times in the battle.
  • You can use your friends' leader monsters once per day, so it's wise to have high ranked friends.