Box art - WarFriends

WarFriends iPhone Cheats

General Tips

  • Holding down the screen opens up your weapon’s scope, so you can be more precise.

    Keep an eye on the ammo in the bottom of the screen. You wouldn’t want to run out of bullets in the worst moment possible.
  • If you do find yourself without any bullets, it’s better to turn to your sidearm than to try reloading. It could save valuable seconds you need to win.
  • Depending on your playing style, you can choose different special weapons. A sniper rifle is great for taking out single targets before they get anywhere near you, while a shotgun can hit multiple targets that have managed to get close to your position.
  • Use your infantry as a first line of defense. They aren’t as powerful as other units, but they simply work like pawns in a chess game.
  • Shooters are basically human turrets. They can set up their guns where you want them and take out any enemies that come close.
  • You get energy to deploy your own troops by taking out enemy soldiers. So, work your way to building a strong army first.
  • Watch one video daily to get a free WarCard. These cards give you small boosts that you can use to get ahead of your opponent.
  • Since WarFriends is a social game, as the name suggests, you can get some cards by joining guilds and acquiring them from other players.
  • If your opponent is looking to snipe you out whenever you appear, you put emphasis on your troops and overwhelm him in that way.