Fire Emblem Heroes Full List of Characters and Rarities

Fire Emblem Heroes features a total of 87 playable characters. Each character comes with a certain rarity which is randomized upon acquisition, although they can all be upgraded to the highest available rarity of five stars over time.

Below is a full list of characters along with what rarities they have available, and their color.


NameRarity 3Rarity 4Rarity 5Color
Abel, the Panther 45Blue
Arthur, Hapless Hero34 Green
Azama, Carefree Monk34 Grey
Azura, Lady of the Lake  5Blue
Barst, The Hatchet34 Green
Bartre, Fearless Warrior34 Green
Beruka, Quiet Assassin34 Green
Caeda, Talys's Heart 45Red
Cain, The Bull 45Red
Camilla, Bewitching Beauty 45Green
Catria, Middle Whitewing 45Blue
Cecilia, Etrurian General34 Green
Cherche, Wyvern Friend34 Green
Chrom, Exalted Prince 45Red
Clarine, Refined Noble34 Grey
Cordelia, Knight Paragon 45Blue
Corrin, Fateful Prince 45Red
Donnel, Village Hero34 Blue
Draug, Gentle Giant34 Red
Effie, Army of One 45Blue
Elise, Budding Flower  5Grey
Eliwood, Knight of Lycia34 Red
Est, Junior Whitewing34 Blue
Fae, Divine Dragon 45Green
Felicia, Maid Mayhem34 Grey
Fir, Sword Student34 Red
Florina, Lovely Flier34 Blue
Frederick, Polite Knight34 Green
Gaius, Candy Stealer34 Grey
Gordin, Altean Archer34 Grey
Gunter, Inveterate Soldier34 Green
Gwendolyn, Adorable Knight34 Blue
Hana, Focused Samurai34 Red
Hawkeye, Desert Guardian 45Green
Hector, General of Ostia  5Green
Henry, Twisted Mind34 Red
Hinata, Wild Samurai34 Red
Hinoka, Warrior Princess  5Blue
Jagen, Veteran Knight34 Blue
Jakob, Devoted Servant 45Grey
Jeorge, Perfect Shot 45Grey
Kagero, Honorable Ninja 45Grey
Laslow, Dancing Duelist34 Red
Leo, Sorcerous Prince  5Red
Lilina, Delightful Noble 45Red
Linde, Light Mage  5Blue
Lissa, Sprightly Cleric34 Grey
Lon'qu, Solitary Blade34 Red
Lucina, Future Witness  5Red
Lyn, Lady of the Plains  5Red
Maria, Minerva's Sister 45Grey
Marth, Altean Prince 45Red
Matthew, Faithful Spy34 Grey
Merric, Wind Mage 45Green
Minerva, Red Dragoon  5Green
Niles, Cruel To Be Kind34 Grey
Nino, Pious Mage34 Green
Nowi, Eternal Youth 45Blue
Oboro, Fierce Fighter34 Blue
Odin, Potent Force34 Blue
Ogma, Loyal Blade 45Red
Olivia, Blushing Beauty34 Red
Palla, Eldest Whitewing34 Red
Peri, Playful Slayer 45Blue
Raigh, Dark Child34 Red
Raven, Peerless Fighter 45Green
Robin, High Deliverer345Blue
Roy, Young Lion 45Red
Ryoma, Peerless Samurai  5Red
Saizo, Angry Ninja34 Grey
Sakura, Loving Priestess 45Grey
Selena, Cutting Wit34 Red
Serra, Outspoken Cleric34 Grey
Setsuna, Absent Archer34 Grey
Shanna, Sprightly Flier34 Blue
Sheena, Princess of Gra 45Green
Sophia, Nabata Prophet34 Red
Stahl, Viridian Knight34 Red
Subaki, Perfect Expert34 Blue
Sully, Crimson Knight34 Blue
Takumi, Wild Card  5Grey
Tharja, Dark Shadow 4 Red
Tiki, Dragon Scion  5Red
Tiki, Naga's Voice34 Red
Virion, Elite Archer34 Grey
Wrys, Kindly Priest34 Grey


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