Box art - iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • Don't be greedy at the start as going for large areas at the start will lead you to get sacked by other players for sure. Find a secluded place with no opponents and start your territory there.
  • Computer AI is pretty aggressive and will always try to hunt you down when you're expanding, but you can use this to your advantage, luring him out of his base by acting as a bait. Peek out a little and then make a box, as you got rid of your trail the AI will start falling back and leave their trail exposed for you to cut it down.
  • Playing it safe and looming in your base is the way to go if you're focused on killing your opponents as they will be easy targets once they try to conquer your base.
  • The higher your final score is the more coins you'll get. The formula is this: your coverage percentage is multiplied by eight, the total amount of enemy kills is multiplied by 30, and that cumulative result is then multiplied by any super bonuses you achieved. So if coins are your goal you should focus on killing your opponents, not on expanding.