Box art - Fieldrunners Attack

Fieldrunners Attack iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • Unlike in other base raiding games, Fieldrunners Attack! does not award you with the full resource bonus if you go for the enemy Headquarters right off the bat. You should destroy all the other buildings before focusing on the HQ, unless it seems like the tide of the battle is changing and you just need a quick, secure win.
  • Log in every three hours to gain a free crate, the crate usually has items used to improve and upgrade your hero.
  • The Daily Ops section of the game gives you a free bonus depending on how many days in a row you've been logging in for.
  • When attacking you should focus on striking down anything that is attacking you first so you'll minimize the damage your troops will take.
  • Besides focusing on objects that are hurting you, it's also very beneficial to aim at the Power Station, as they control the towers that attack you.