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DC Legends iPhone Cheats

General Tips
  • DC Legends is based on a rock-paper-scissors mechanic, meaning that each superhero falls into a single out of three categories and they strengths line up like this: Physical (Red) > Mystical (Blue), Mystical > Energy (Green) and Energy > Physical.
  • The game has an auto-battle feature, but you really shouldn't let the AI control your battles as it is not so good and it can cost you.
  • You'll have a large library of playable heroes in DC Legends yet you won't have enough resources to upgrade them all so focus on completely upgrading three of your most used heroes first. Others can wait.
  • Use Superheroes' special skills early in the fight as their effects are permanent unless they get debuffed.
  • Every Legendary Rank you achieve grants you the possibility to permanently enhance of your abilities, but there's no turning back so be sure of your decision.
  • Timed Events are up only for a limited time frame each week, and therefore are the best source of rare materials and currencies.
  • Log in each day as you will get some free loot every time you enter the game, and with the snowball effect it will be significant boost after a while.