Will Amazon Luna Shut Down in 2022

Is Amazon Luna Shutting Down in 2022?

Amazon Luna isn’t shutting down. However, users are understandably a bit anxious after Stadia’s closure. Amazon has been much more lowkey with its cloud gaming service and isn’t especially active when it comes to advertising. That’s led some users to wonder if Amazon will also abandon its efforts.

Will Amazon Luna shut down in 2022?

Amazon hasn’t announced any plans to shut down Luna. New games are still being added to it regularly, and it offers a better selection at a more affordable price than Stadia did. Moreover, instead of buying games outright, Luna works more like Xbox Game Pass, which makes it an appealing option for those trying cloud gaming for the first time.

The biggest issue with Luna is that Amazon doesn’t do much to advertise it, and rarely shares info about it. So, we don’t know how well it’s doing. Technically every Prime customer has access to a limited selection of games through Luna, so each of them could be counted as a “subscriber.” However, we haven’t found reliable stats on how many users pay extra for Luna+, Ubisoft+, or the Retro, Family, or Jackbox channels that are available.

For now, Amazon seems content for to remain lowkey. Unlike Google, the company isn’t quick to cash out on its efforts, and we don’t see the service going offline anytime soon.

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