Box art - Combo Critters

Combo Critters iPhone Cheats

General Tips

  • You can get more points out of every level if you simply do a loop. What you need to do is ignore the last piece of puzzle and simply walk by. You will start at the beginning of the level and enemies will respawn.
  • You can merge same-level monsters to get more advanced ones, so keep collecting.
  • The special attacks are your best weapons against superior enemies. As soon as they charge use them and you might just even out the odds.
  • Under the coin counter you can see a video icon that will let you watch an ad to get more coins. The cooldown period between videos you can watch is 5 minutes.
  • Don’t use the healing ability right away. Sometimes it’s better to save it and just merge the weakened critter with another one to get a more powerful critter.