Box art - Kendall and Kylie

Kendall and Kylie iPhone Cheats

General Tips

  • You can’t always know what you’ll get from all the objects in the game, which is why it’s always the best idea to click on absolutely everything.
  • It is always best to complete your Energy missions one by one. Don’t divide your focus to many of them.
  • Always calculate beforehand how many stars you need to get in the Energy missions in order to make sure you’re not wasting any.
  • Also, remember not to go in over your head with those energy missions. If you try to tackle on a 6-star mission, and you only have 3 stars, you won’t stand a chance.
  • Use pets to replenish your energy, as well as gain more money and experience. All you need to do is pet them from time to time.
  • When faced with a choice, choose the more decent option, as you can’t go wrong with it in this game.
  • You can always guarantee the best possible outcome by using charm. It costs a lot, but it can sometimes be really worth it.
  • Make sure you login daily to get all the possible rewards from the gift boxes.